San Francisco City Hall Photography FAQs

San Francisco Elopement

San Francisco City Hall Elopements are our favorite! It’s such a popular elopement destination; not only are there so many photography locations within city hall itself, but almost each of them has fantastic light. San Francisco City Hall is not only easy to shoot, but is a very affordable wedding option. Since we photograph quite a few elopements in a year, I’ve gathered the most popular wedding photography questions asked:

When should I book you?

You can book us anytime after you have your date confirmed with city hall.

It’s just the two of us, can you sign as the witness?

You only need one witness to sign the marriage license, and we can totally sign as your witness!

What is the best ceremony location?

The location is usually up to the judge who will be marrying you. Most of the ceremonies we’ve covered are at the Rotunda (at the top of the grand staircase) and it’s beautiful there. The 4th floor (pictured above), however, is our favorite becaue of the light. The Mayor’s balcony is also a great option because it overlooks everything. If you do end up in a spot that is not your first choice, not to worry, our photography package includes ample amount of time to take photographs around and outside of city hall.

Elopement Ceremonies at the San Francisco City Hall Rotunda

Elopement Ceremonies at the San Francisco City Hall Rotunda

When and where should we meet you?

If you already have your marriage license, we can meet you 20 minutes prior to ceremony time. If you need to get your license and would like to have that part documented, we’ll meet you 20 minutes prior to your appointment time. There are chairs leading up to where you get your “number” for the marriage license portion, we will meet you in that area. Prior to the wedding day, we’ll ask that you send us a photo of yourself so that we pick up the right couple. 🙂

Can we shoot at other locations?

Totally! We have wedding photography packages that included extended sessions for clients that want to visit additional San Francisco spots to take photos. We can suggest popular spots to shoot at.

San Francisco Elopement Photos at Fort Point

San Francisco Elopement Photos at Fort Point